Amanda Palmer, will you marry me? at the Troubadour, June 25th…

fresh off an amazing performance at Coachella, as well as a ton of other projects, Amanda Palmer (one half of über-amazing Dresden Dolls) is returning to L.A.with a show on June 25th at the Troubadour. Palmer gave pretty much my favorite performance last year at the Henry Fonda, when, in the space of two hours or so and accompanied by performance art troupe The Danger Ensemble, she pretended to sexually assault Katy Perry with Margaret Cho, resurrected herself from the dead, and welcomed my favorite author of all time, Mister Neil Gaiman, to the stage to read a recital that he had written specifically for her. all three of my fantasies in one fell swoop. she’s poetically histrionic, but never slips into tediousness, always clever and amusing, and you should all be jealous because  she stood right next to me during Leonard Cohen’s captivating performance at Coachella. so i’m looking forward to this one mightily, and i suggest you do, too.

also, since we’re shortly going to be wrecking the tape deck in New York thanks to the imminent migration of one Mr. TINT, say hello to my first ever bi-coastal post. Palmer is also playing with The Lisps at Highline Ballroom in NYC on Friday, June 5th. this is right after she does a tag team musical/literatural charity show with Neil Gaiman at the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe on the 3rd. i’m going to have to stop typing now and cry a little because i’m a little sad that i can’t go and TINT can. tickets will go fast for all of these, and you can get them at her site here (the Troubadour show will be listed tomorrow, though it’s available through Ticketmaster right now).

“Who Killed Amanda Palmer” Video Series – Part 6: Strength Through Music from Amanda Palmer on Vimeo.