April 4 @ Spaceland – Great Lake Swimmers / Kate Maki / Travel By Sea

Great Lake Swimmers – Long Into Evening

Great Lake Swimmers – Long Into Evening

ready for some morose head nodding? I SURE AM!!! check out Great Lake Swimmers playing this Saturday, April 4th at Spaceland. don’t talk too loud at the show, now, or someone might shush you angrily like you’re at a library. and then you can punch him in the nose and the audience will stare at you begrudgingly and the singer will stop the show with his, “Brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters!… Let’s love each other,  let’s love each other!” “fcuk that!” you’ll scream at the son of a bitch while thinking to yourself, “rock and roll used to mean something, you bastards!”, choosing not to waste your words on hipster swine as you push through the crowd and out into the starless night with some skinny kid’s blood dripping from your knuckles, still steaming as it hits the Los Angeles pavement. Kate Maki and Travel By Sea open.

yeah, yeah... simpler times... fcuking indie rock needs to get a little more excited about modern technology and stuff...

2 thoughts on “April 4 @ Spaceland – Great Lake Swimmers / Kate Maki / Travel By Sea

  1. Jesussatan’s journal
    April 2nd, 2009:

    This city is afraid of me. Vomit on pavement. Reeks of hipster swine. Had to go somewhere. Punched hipster at rock show today. Felt good. Felt real good. Going to Nick Nolte’s house now. Cookin up some speedballs. See you in a week.


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