April Google



Google’s annual April Fool: CADIE.

15 thoughts on “April Google

  1. ah, you beat me to the punch, you bastage. i was going to post on this tomorrow… so, the gist of this is that Google has created an Artificial Intelligence that is called “CADIE”, who is smart enough to create its own website which it does with like cute panda bears and stuff…

    my favorite is the automated responses to emails that it will send out for you:
    Google, you so funny!!!

  2. @TINT

    @Le precoce feroce
    it was meant to be a series, one day each of the best of the best of the best April Fool’s jokes, and now you’ve RUINED it, PRECOCE! i HATE YOU, PRECOCE! I HATE YOU HATE YOU HATE YOU! i’m running away and i’m NEVER COMING BACK!!!

    unless you get me a pony.

    and i know about everything. BEFORE IT EVEN HAPPENS. like TINT? he doesn’t have long for this world… be careful in crosswalks for the next couple of days, eh? i have this clear vision of a white Nissan Sentra smashing through you, then reversing, and then forward again, reversing, etc…

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