art openings aplenty tonight and tomorrow.

pretty excited for tonight with the Luke Chueh opening at Corey Helford. horribly mutilated cute animals! yay for art! tomorrow night there are plenty of neat openings, too, though decidedly less involve dead furry woodland creatures : 0 (
here’s a rundown:

Dark Psych opening at the Show Cave Night Gallery with Arnau Sala, Dean Sullivan, Evan Meister, G. Lanzard and Keenan Marshall Keller

Dark Psych

LeBasse Projects is launching a new gallery space in Culver City with the Vous Avez Eté Juste Servi group show with Yoskay Yamamoto, Meryl Donoghue, Tessar Lo (yay!), Korlie, Melissa Haslam, Brian Donnelly, Ryuichi Ogino, Lisa Alisa, Nate Frizzell, Edwin Ushior, Amanda Visell, Eric Fortune, Jason Redwood, Scott belcastro, Alicia Ross and more.


And Gnomon Gallery is doing another group show with The Art of Sketch Theatre. Artists include: Wayne Barlowe, Michael Hussar, Travis Louie, Ana Bagayan, Chet Zar, Steven Daily, Greg “Craola” Simkins, Munk One, Gris Grimly, Shawn Barber, Corey Miller, Nate Frizzell, Nikko Hurtado, Luke Chueh, Cameron Davis, The Black Frog, Michael Broom, Gene Guynn, Tod “Junker” Waters, Jim Smith, Kali Fontecchio, Meats Meier, Jordu Schell, Molly Crabapple, Nick Baxter, Jeff McMilla, Levon Jihanian, Christian Lorenz Scheurer, Dave Dorman, Vincent Hui, Gary Baseman, Jim “Gay Bigfoot” Wirt, Daphne Yap, Raul Aguirre, Alvin Lee, Mari Inukai, Axel 13, Cory Benhatzel

The Art of Sketch Theatre