Artist to Admire: Ben Frost.

“Quality Riding Poultry.” Ben Frost Is Dead.

Ya shoulda had a Bambortion

Ya shoulda had a Bambortion

Fucking Christ this guy is amazing. You should know him already. Here’s some stuff:

“I wake up at this point in a pool of sweat, shaking and sometimes crying, with the intensity of the nightmare scenario to stay with me for days at a time until the next time it happens again. The nightmare isn’t as frequent as it was during my odd childhood, and even odder teenage years, but I believe that it’s because in a lot of ways I have had the ability to express those unconscious notions in my paintings.” – Ben Frost….  Ahh… don’t we all?

He’ll be in New York in June doing a solo show:
JUNE 20th 2009 – Brooklynite Gallery, NY

Oh and check out his store at