Artist To Admire: Olly Moss.

sadly, i came to Olly Moss through hipster swine indie multiconglomerate Threadless, but to his credit, Moss’ In Case Of Zombies design was the very first Threadless shirt to hook me in like heroin way back when… Threadless has kind of lost its way over the last couple years, but Moss is still right on track.
Moss takes a big ol’ spoonful of influence from Saul Bass‘ iconic movie poster and title design work, and spices it all up with a heaping dash of clever. really, his whole porftolio from prints to graphics to t-shirts is wonderfully sardonic, whimsical stuff, and i wish i could post it all, but instead you’re going to have to go to his website to see that this Moss sure gathers a lot of rock! ha! Moss? rock? ’cause… the… rock gathers no… his name is… oh fucking forget it.
anyways, you all know how much i like art that celebrates my sadly misspent childhood. now it’s “culturally relevant”! so go to his site and buy stuff.

Olly Moss Street Fight (Street Fighter cage match with Ryh Hyabasu and Ken Masters)
Olly Moss baddies kill the baddies target practice
Olly Moss Die Hard (bruce willis movie poster)
Olly Moss hand face
(p.s. for a fun game, if you look through the models on the Threadless site, you’ll find an ex-gf of jesus satan…. but i’m not tellin’ who. i’ll leave that up to the police to figure out… ahhh, internet. when will you let me escape my past?)

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  1. @TINT
    and it was fcuking hard to figure out which one from that series to post. he’s also got one for Deer Hunter, American History X, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, plus more, and absolutely every one of them is amongst the best movie posters i’ve ever seen.

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