Artist to Admire: El Mac.

El Mac. Known for his amazing renditions of hot chicks, meticulous attention to detail, and the “how is that possible?” things he does with spraypaint. Operating as “The Mac” since the mid 90s, he’s also the coverboy for this month’s Juxtapoz and there’s a lengthy interview inside. Check out the video interview here.

BONUS: He’s got an upcoming exhibition in LA with his sometimes-partner Retna (we’ll remind you):

Mac & Retna
Wednesday, September 9th
Robert Berman Gallery
Santa Monica, CA


"Portrait of a Telemarketer" - Mac

"Portrait of a Telemarketer" - Mac's personal favorite.

mac masuimi
mac obama original

More imagery after the jump!

Mac & Retna collaboration

Mac & Retna collaboration

mac antwerp josie
mac sumiol

6 thoughts on “Artist to Admire: El Mac.

  1. ohhh shhhiittt… i think i’ve seen some of this guy’s stuff around hell-A! good lookin’ out, TINT. we should do a comparison on who has the bestest street graffiti… NY or LA… OR??????

  2. @TINT
    you think everything from Kansas is cool just because you’re hipster swine and there’s nothing about Kansas that is cool… so therefore it is cool. ugh, hipster swine ironic/logic makes my head spin.

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