Artists to Admire: Ogasa Shin (i think)

this website for Ogasa Shin is chock full of amazing. if Francis Bacon had drawn anime, i think this is what it would have looked like. i can’t read, um, Asian, and all i have to go on about this guy/girl is that his/her name is Ogasa Shin. the website hasn’t been updated in a couple years, so maybe you budding internet Encyclopedia Browns out there can help a brother out and hunt him/her down to verify a) that he/she is still alive and 2) he/she is actually named Ogasa Shin. (more images after the jump, including some NSFW and one really fucking BIG mother…)

Ogasa Shin 0216

Ogasa Shin i6

Ogasa Shin h10
Ogasa Shin 0231

Ogasa Shin 0184

Ogasa Shin 0149