ARTY PARTY This Friday: “Islands in LA”

flyer1Poketo joins hands with Islands Fold (Canadian indie publisher) to put on a show for us hipster swine. You can actually go watch the work being created if you get there early. And you can munch on free treats from Urth Cafe… and beer. Mmmm.

…Islands Fold is an independent publisher and artist residency located on Pender Island, Canada, their residency promotes solo projects, collaboration, health and well being. As we were gearing up for shows at Poketo in 2009, we asked if Islands Fold would be interested in doing an event with us at the Poketo Studio. Needless to say, a date was set, our gears were turning for a vision to set up a different kind of art show, and “Islands in LA” was born.

Friday, February 27th
3 PM – 6 PM: Open studio with artists
6 PM – 9 PM: Official Artshow/ Party

Poketo Studio
510 South Hewitt Street, #506 (5th floor) Los Angeles, CA 90013