Burlesque Bingo tonight at the Key Club

haha. hoo boy. while jesus satan wholeheartedly recommends adding nudity to almost every situation, you’re just going to have a hard time sexing up bingo. nonetheless, these people are trying. if you want to go to help out the Chihuahuas (i also love racist charities… Chihuahuas in, all other dogs out…) by staring at girls in skimpy clothing and playing grandma games, then here is a link for discounted tickets. ’cause you don’t want to have to give TOO much to the ugly little bastards.
also, from what i can tell on the Key Club site, Lisa D’amato, some model girl from some model show, is either opening up, hosting or playing… there isn’t much information, but it is pretty clear from the extensive bio on her wikipedia page that it is more or less written by her, so i’m sure she’ll be interesting to watch, but probably not in the way she means to be (i.e. “good”). i love L.A. it’s a town fed by its own ego, and yes, jesus satan fits right in.


“Not just Burlesque and not just Bingo, this is the one and only striptease game show — where you win in more ways than one. Featuring a live band, talented stripteasers and a great comedy host, audiences can win fabulous prizes while raising money for Chihuahua Rescue.”