case of the mondays : O (

what, no takers? Mondays in LA suck, America. except for the now still kind of funny but once upon a time they were utterly amazing-ness of Steel Panther who used to be Metal Skool who used to be Metal Shop at The Key Club, there just ain’t much to do on a Monday night here. a possible exception is Seven Grand downtown, which is a great David Lynch-esque place to get loaded on normal nights, and last time i was there, they had an amazing freeform jazz band playing, which supposedly is every Monday night. haven’t been in a while, and the details are vague so i’m not sure if it’s THAT off the hook every time. but unless you want to drive all the way to Pomona for Cut Copy and Matt & Kim at the Glass House to hang out with a bunch of newly-pubescent all agers, looks like there isn’t fcuk all to do tonight.

Seven Grand