Celebrate Brooklyn! In Your Summertime Clothes at Animal Collective’s Benefit Concert.

I’m becoming more than a little tired of all these electro-hipster-indie-aggregations that are just doing the same thing again… and again… and then getting their hipster weiners blown by Pitchfork, who in turn convinces all the bros that they’re uber kewl cutting edge pioneers. They currently feature a pile of hot garbage in the Best New Music section (well… i’ll give The Antlers a chance… and I do enjoy the Dirty Projectors and Mos Def’s most recent efforts). On top of this, I’ve heard the PF reviewers don’t even get to grade the albums, they are handed a number and told to write a fitting review… Pitchfork you’ve changed bro… you’ve changed.

“I’ve met all those dudes [at Pitchfork]. Fuck them,” Keller says. “They’re doing well, or at least Ryan. He doesn’t write anything; he just grades all the records. When you review records for Pitchfork, you don’t get to grade them. I was talking to Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion, who got a good review but only a 3.0 rating. He called the reviewer and said, ‘Hey, thanks for giving my record a good review,’ and the kid said, ‘I got fired for it.’ ”
Travis Keller, Buddyhead founder, who tells us how he really feels in this LA Weekly article.

This brings me to my point: I’m very excited to go see an original. Hate if you wanna, but Animal Collective really is the coolest thing since sliced bread and blue jeans…or in this case, flannel shirts and chuck T’s.

AnCo is performing this Friday and Saturday, August 14th and 15th in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Get tickets here and I’ll see you there.

Animal Collective – Daily Routine (Phaseone Remix)


Bonus Travis Keller quote:
“One reason Keller started Buddyhead was because he “didn’t really give a shit about anything on the Internet. People ask me to describe Buddyhead like, ‘Is it like Pitchfork?’ Well, yeah, if we were virgins and bed-wetters. I don’t have Steven Malkmus’ weenie in my mouth. I like Pavement but not that much.””