Datarock can never be as awesome as They Live even if they try. which they did.

this video for “The Pretender” is decent but not great, and don’t get me wrong, i’m not hating on Datarock, even though speaking of “The Pretender” they remind me an awful, AWFUL lot of Talking Heads. i like ’em, though, and their Revenge of the Nerds’ schtick is fun, but what’s really exciting about this video to me is that it gives me a reason to post these clips from the ever amazing John Carpenter’s They Live, which Datarock based the video on.

sadly, They Live is supposedly slated for a remake. there is just no way that they’ll never be able to recapture it’s eighties’ majesty, and imma let them finish, but the fight scene below is the greatest of all time. of all time!