Disco is Dead, long live Zombie Disco…

check out this fairly long but awesome video about a disc jockey stunt that effectively (or so they thought) ended disco’s reign in popular culture thirty years ago. i love all the seventies-ness, and it’s funny to briefly see a young Gene Siskel a little past the six minute mark, especially since his favorite movie just happened to be Saturday Night Fever. if anything, it might get you a little more excited for Electric Daisy Carnival this weekend to see a bunch of jocko homos burning dance records and acting like coked up idiots.


there’s a short article here at the Guardian’s website that discusses the incredible amount of influence that disco has continued to have on music and society in general, but everyone reading this site probably already knows that the rumors of disco’s demise may have been greatly exaggerated.

DJ Funsko - Disco Is Dead