DJ Shadow begins a hostile takeover of Apple…

This Time (I’m Gonna Try It My Way) from DJ Shadow on Vimeo.

NOW THIS IS INDIE, ladies and germs, even if he was signed to a major. DJ Shadow has gone cuh-ray-zay and is slashing, slashing, SLASHING prices! buy now! everything must go! (not really, digital files can’t sell out.)
Shadow has updated his site to offer his complete history of singles, soundtracks, albums and remixes, downloadable direct from his own music store, and all at fairly bargain basement prices… for the collectors out there, he’s also offering a variety of goodies, including limited edition vinyl pressings.
what’s the big deal, you may ask? besides Shadow being utterly indispensable to any serious afficionado’s music collection (NO ONE’s music library should be without Endtroducing…) as well as to underground hip-hop in general, Shadow is taking what Radiohead began and is bringing it into the now, claiming himself as the first major label artist to offer direct sales, cutting out the middle man. in other words, no iTunes and no major labels milking their cut from his teet. i’m thinking that this info might pass gently into the night for some of you, but what it means to me is that the artists are learning to take control. more info directly from Shadow himself after the jump:

DJ Shadow relaunch of his site at

More About The New DJ Shadow Digital Download SectionThe newest and most exciting feature to hit in a long time: our very own digital download store! To our knowledge (and we’ve done a fair amount of research,) this is the FIRST TIME an artist signed to a major label is selling his own music downloads, on his own site, without connecting the buyer to another storefront (like iTunes, etc.) In other words, if you love DJ Shadow’s music: THIS is the best place to buy it, because your money is going DIRECTLY to the artist, with no middleman or corporate interference.

Shadow’s extensive back catalogue, including his classic Mo’ Wax and Solesides material, is available now as high-quality, DRM-free MP3 downloads. There’s also TONS of exclusives, available NOWHERE ELSE, from radio mixes, to live shows, to alternate versions; all ready to download for the first time. Spend some time to browse the many selections on offer…there isn’t another artist store anywhere with this deep an archive.
Just select the tracks or albums you wish to purchase, follow the links on the page following checkout, and your download will occur automatically, just like any of the big online stores. Want to purchase a few downloads, some vinyl, and say, some stickers? No problem. Conveniently, you’ll be able to combine physical and digital products in the same shopping cart.
Click here To Check Out The New Store!

What is DJ Shadow Handmade?
It’s a well-known fact that Shadow is a vinyl enthusiast.  For people who love music, there’s no replacing the warmth of a physical mold with grooves.  Some people also prefer the ease and portability of CDs, and still others may find that the sound quality of traditional MP3 downloads are insufficient for their needs.  For all of those reasons (and all of those people,) we are proud to announce DJ Shadow Handmade.  Simply put, this is the ultimate collecting experience for Shadow fans that have it all.  Every title is created and customized for the buyer, literally “handmade” and assembled on demand, as the order is placed.  Quality and attention to detail is obvious, with all records pressed on extra-pure, 180-gram vinyl.  The heavy paste-on, or “tipped sleeve” jackets are die-cut and hand stamped, and inscribed personally to every buyer.
What about the music, you say?  Shadow has raided his cupboard and turned loose DAT tapes, CD-R’s, and cassettes from his own personal archive, unveiling mixes, live performances, and alternate versions of songs, many of which have never been heard before.  In some cases, the mere existence of this material is an accident.  Several of the live shows, for example, were confiscated from venue employees who were making their own recordings.  Still others were made at Shadow’s request, to archive a set that would never again be performed. Shadow reports that it has been a hair-raising process:  “So many DAT tapes and CDs have become corrupted or broken,” he laments.  “I’m just glad to have salvaged whatever bits I could before they disappear, too.”
As Shadow looks forward to his next wave of new music, fans can revel in some of the gems unearthed during his exhaustive archiving project.  The titles released under the banner of DJ Shadow Handmade are EXCLUSIVE to this site…

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