Drop (Off) That Gun!

Do It for Your Mama!

Do It for Your Mama!

LAPD is holding an anonymous gun buyback next weekend, on Mother’s Day Eve, Saturday, May 9.

In exchange for turning over your weapon(s), you’ll get a gift card (probably Ralph’s or Visa). The rate: $100 for each handgun, $200 for each assault weapon. Guns collection will be from 10am -3pm and is supposed to be anonymous/no-questions-asked. There are 21 locations throughout the city.

LAPD plans to melt the guns down and claims there will be no ballistics testing done on the weapons collected.

It’s a great way to subsidize your Mother’s Day expenses. Use your gift card to buy Mom some flowers or take her to brunch and still have enough left over for groceries. Plus, if you give up your gun, you’re less likely to end up in jail—Mama likes that.

5 thoughts on “Drop (Off) That Gun!

  1. uh, haha, here’s a follow up on your post, Precoce. ONE GRENADE LAUNCHER was turned in.
    via LAist:

    “1696 guns were brought to LAPD stations around the city in exchange for VISA or Ralph’s Grocery Store gift cards this past weekend in the mother’s day gun exchange program. Handguns, shotguns and rifles received a $100 cards while higher caliber assault weapons such AK-47s, Uzis or AR-15s (40 of these were turned in) earned people $200 cards. The division with the most guns turned in was Devonshire, which patrols the Northwest Valley. Further west at the Topanga Division, the only grenade launcher attached to a rifle was brought in for exchange. Okay, so what’s up, West Valley?. Anyway, to see what was brought back to your local station, check the document below: Read more…

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