Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros are still wandering the desert, hope they figure out their fragile egos in time for their show at the Mayan


Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
have released a new video for Kisses Over Babylon. it’s the second release in a scheduled twelve part opus where Edward is wandering through the desert of his own ego or something incredibly pretentious and self-involved like that. don’t get me wrong, i’m really digging on the Edward Sharpe et al, and i’m totally looking forward to their upcoming show on December 14th at the Mayan. (tickets are still available here. last show sold out if i recall correctly, so pick them up fast.) Kisses Over Babylon also totally has an Ennio Morricone sound to it, which is awesome and makes it hardly surprising as to how much the video looks like it was directed by Sergio Leone.

we’ve posted the first video for Desert Song previously, but you (kind of) need to watch them in order to follow the narrative (?), so here are both. i’d like to reiterate that the chanting guy in the beginning of Desert Song is real footage of Sharpe’s father getting his om on with little baby Edward in his arms. kind of gives you a sense of where the singer is coming from… literally. (the video for Kisses Over Babylon is after the jump)

just in case you couldn’t figure out the plot (likely), here’s the full synopsis for the second video from ESATMZ’s Myspace post: Part 2: Kisses Over Babylon is the second installment of SALVO!, a 12-part feature-length music video series from Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. Kisses picks up in the same desert wasteland world, ravaged by drought. Edward is arrested by two Minors (police from Ursa Minor) for the murder of his own father, and taken to a water-labor prison. There he reunites with Brother, his long-ago friend, and rallies the prisoners to a frenzied prison break. Edward and Brother escape, followed closely by the the mysteriously recalcitrant prison guard Croc…