Fat Tuesday @ La Cita

Mardi Gras FLYER

Mardi Gras @ La Cita

Mardi Gras tonight at La Cita. Music, food, drink, trashy costumes, etc. Plus my firend Tommy will be there. And he’s awesome.

8 thoughts on “Fat Tuesday @ La Cita

  1. HOLY SHIT!!! Precoce made a fucking spelling error! it’s right there for the whole world to see! (as in our thirty-three unique visitors). HOLY SHIT! I’M SO GOING TO TAKE A SCREEN GRAB AND SEND IT TO YOU EVERY TIME YOU GET ALL HOLIER THAN THOU.

  2. I suspect that you edited my post to produce said spelling error. It was all I could do to not fix an error I saw in a TINT post, but I respect his right to bad grammar.

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