Friday Fun Links #10.

1) Read this article about single topic gimmicky “meme” blogs (i.e. this is why you’re fat, look at this fucking hipster, fuck yeah anne hathaway, stuff white people like, etc.). It’s pretty tits. And then go to fuckyeahbatman.

look at this fucking hipster

2) Vice interview with Donnie Andrews, the real life Omar Little of The Wire. Gangstaaa. (FYI: Pres. Obama says Omar is his favorite character on the show. That’s right people, OBAMA’s favorite character from his favorite show is a ruthless, gay murderer with a Robin Hood streak.)

“A stick-up artist… you take your modern-day gangsters and you put them in a hat, you got the Dapper Don who had Sammy The Bull, Al Capone had Frank Nitti. These are guys who were enforcers, they make the gangsters – if it wasn’t for us, them guys called gangsters wouldn’t exist.” – Donnie

3) Weezy lyrics on Snack’s n Shit. Haaaa. Rappers are silly people.

silly weezy

4) Gorilla vs Bear gives us their “favorite albums of the first half of ’09“… not feeling it. AnCo too low, White Denim too high (coming from a BIG fan) and Phoenix just bores me. Thoughts?

white denim, grizzly bear, phoenix, smith westerns

5) Watch Weiner Falls, a parody of Dawson’s Creek… with more ballz: