Friday Fun Links #12.

The 40 funniest animated GIFs of all time. Self-explanatory.

Amazing trailer comparison between Team America: World Police and G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra aka There’s No Way This Will Be Good aka The Only Thing That Makes My Cobra Rise Is The Following Link….

Yesss, it’s raining single women in New york, and on the east coast in general. Check your maps people:
single women map
“There is a reason the sight of a balding, short, pudgy man walking arm-in-arm with a tall, leggy and meticulously toned and coiffed blond is so common on the streets of Manhattan.”

One thought on “Friday Fun Links #12.

  1. HEY! WTF!!!

    “L.A. on the other hand is the polar opposite of New York (in more ways than one) with nearly 90,000 more unmarried men than women, though, granted, the map does not specify sexual orientation.”

    what’s with the dig? and they don’t mention sexual orientation about any of the other cities! NY has just as many of the boys who like boys as WEHO.

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