Friday Fun Links #14

On Disney acquiring Marvel: “Wolverine, oh Wolverine, he’s an unstoppable rage-filled asshole who murders people with razors that pop out of his hands. There’s a delicate poetry to him. On the one hand he wants to kill people and on the other hand he does kill people.”
Article here at Vice.

disney hulk aladdin genie
Disney Spidey_Mickey Mouse
hulk at disney world
venom mickey mouse
More great Marvel/Disney mashups can be found here. And check the photoshop mashup contest at Worth 1000.

Photos from the National Cougar Convention! Yeah that happened, and it wasn’t for animals… well… I guess technically it was.

Dear God… Kurt Cobain as Flava Flav? Bon Jovi?!!? Gavin Rossdale!!???!? What have they DONE to you:

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