Friday Fun Links #16

WIN TICKETS to see The Mars Volta live in New York! They’re playing at the Roseland Ballroom on 10/8, contest ends on Monday 10/5. Do it.

10 movies where the bad guys win. “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist.” – Keyser Soze

Download the Marvin Gaye Mixtape. “I only got halfway through it before I was randomly humping people in the office.  It might be difficult getting through this whole thing without a couple sexual harassment suits or babies to deal with.” – Thanks for the review HighDefinite.

Please read Hipster Runoff’s diatribe on Kanye West’s value to society. PLEASE.

Carl Sagan explains the amazing glory of the cosmos… in Autotune. Stevie Hawking drops by for a guest verse.

3 thoughts on “Friday Fun Links #16

  1. you know, i had never actually seen yonce’s video before, and now that i know how absolutely banal that it is, i think kanye is an even bigger douche. it’s clear that he just wants to fuck Beyonce, and he risked the shame of a nation just to get those digits.

  2. Yo, thank you for the link to my mixtape man, glad you’re liking it. That Kanye link is DOPE, good call!
    Props for the site man, it’s dope. I’m linking it on my blog if that’s cool.


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