Friday Fun Links #18

Congratulations to our friend Joe Sabia on being gobbled up by mashable, gizmodo, techcrunch, etc., etc., etc., for his innovative “google wave cinema” videos! Surely on it’s way to viral video status. Check out his other youtube hits at Whirled Citizen.

“I’ve read the articles, watched the instructional videos, and gotten an invite, but nothing—nothing—has done more to explain to me how this mind-melting Internet Thing works than Pulp Fiction, spectacularly adapted for Google Wave. (Warning: Tarantino language ahead)” – John Herrman @gizmodo

A fucking awesome collection of lego dudes. Many more can be seen at MacLane’s Flickr (Batman, Nightcrawler, Wonderwoman, T-1000, etc.)

-The Flaming Lips (whose new album, Embryonic, is getting rave reviews everywhere) are going to cover Dark Side of the Moon
-Download Lupe Fiasco’s bonus track “Solar Midnite” from the heavy-hitting Twilight soundtrack
-John Mayer’s new song gets HATED on in the A.V. Club’s pop culture love letters: “Who says John Mayer can’t make an “introspective” video without any modicum of interesting introspection at all? Who says?”
-5 badass authors more badass than the badass characters they created