Friday Fun Links #21

Animal Collective created a film… it will be featured at Sundance. Avey Tare says, “It’s kinda like a psychedelic film, it’s not like a narrative film or anything.” He explained. “There are more cohesive moments in it, but then there are some that are a little more abstract.” I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say it’s gonna be weird.

Here are the Top 5 YouTube sports moments of 2009. Little kids playing football O-M-G.

Check out the artwork of Elizabeth Graeber. This sweet narwhal is just one of many gems.

Hey LA! Rolling Stone magazine is opening a nightclub/restaurant on Hollywood & Highland. Here’s what one of the magazine partner’s has to say: “We are both excited and determined to bring the spirit of the magazine to life – the edginess, the coolness, the classiness and the timelessness – in making this venue a place to see and be seen in.” …. Hmm, a nightclub attached to an outdoor mall is a place to be seen? Yeaah… I’m gonna go hang with the elite crowd at Dave & Buster’s.

Trailer for Brooklyn’s Finest, the new movie from Antoine Fuqua, director of Training Day. It looks like a thug-life version of The Departed. Reasons why I post this:
– It features the return of Wesley “Dark Chocolate” Snipes
– I met Don Cheadle once and he was pretty cool
– I spotted Omar from The Wire in the background somewhere…