Friday Fun Links #4.

Billy Corgan…WTF are you doing? First you date Tila Tequila, who claims you met in a past life. Now this? A wrestling promo video? WTF Billy? Actually, Mankind was kind of sweet. You know what…fuck it, if I was a legendary rockstar I’d do whatever the fuck I want too. Do you Billy, do you.

Thomas Bangalter, of Daft Punk, ruins his image by showing his HUMANITY while DJing @ Cinespace in LA. WTF Thomas Bangalter? Everytime I see those sweet robot DJs now I have to picture you as hipster swine. All sweaty and full of human emotions and whatnot. WTF Thomas?

Real life’s version of The Wire, in Minneapolis. Gangster stuff. For reals.

“Word on the street was that some Minneapolis cops were dirty, tipping off drug dealers. Investigators knew one man who could help them figure out if that was true: gang leader Taylor Trump.”

Sexy new iPhone game: Hot Dog Down A Hallway. Avoid the crabs by using rubbers.

Amazing gallery: separate images of passersby from the very same spot, composited into single images. Photos by Peter Funch.

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