Friday Fun Links #8

Keeping with the tradition of the super-hero-in-everyday-situation-meme, Ian Pool takes pictures of action figures doing funny, “normal” things. Turns out Doc Oc needs 6 arms so he can handle all of the Jonas Brothers simultaneously. Purity rings be damned…


More Ian Pool here.

A Ghastly piece of apparel from ThinkGeek:


A new Tumblog for us all to love: You Actually Said That Online, “An Homage to the Mighty Intellectualism of the Comment Thread” as seen here:

picture-2Aw yeah, it’s just about nerd-o’clock on this coast, so here’s Gizmodo’s side-by-side comparison of Windows 7 vs. OS X Snow Leopard. Let’s get ready to rumble.

eff you PC, no eff you Mac

Holy. Shit. An amazing website called YooouuuTuuube allows you to enter any youtube url for a unique new viewing experience. It splits the entire video up into frames that it plays back across your computer screen row by row. Check out this example using the new Animal Collective video, “summertime clothes” or this video, a german Transformers clip.

animal collective

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