Gallery Nucleus: Awesome Place For Cheap Prints.

Just noticed that Gallery Nucleus in Alahambra, CA has an amazing print shop on their website. 100’s of prints starting at $15 bucks. Seriously, that’s pretty cheap. Go check it out here. Here’s a taste of the good stuff:

Khang Le - Nucleus Ninja

Khang Le - Nucleus Ninja - $30

Charlie Wen - Solomon's Fall

Charlie Wen - Solomon's Fall - $30

Luke Chueh - Reach - $135

Luke Chueh - Reach - $135

7 thoughts on “Gallery Nucleus: Awesome Place For Cheap Prints.

  1. amazingly, these three prints totally fit the WTTD trio. the King Solomon print is soooooo jesus satan… i sit around in my underwear with a sword all the time. i’ll let America figure out which is TINT and which is Precoce.

  2. I have no problem with fat rabbit who can’t eat because he’s too fat. It’s kind of like an analogy between me and my money. Sometimes I can’t deposit my paycheck because I’m weighed down by so many sacks of gold I can’t even move.

  3. @TINT
    But do you use that abject idle time to mull over the cost of your over-consumption? Because that’s what the fat bunny is doing.

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