good morning world! the fluorescent office lights say hello! (Lomax Vs. jesus satan)

jesus satan

ok, too funny. first, some context. a young gentleman caller by the name of Lomax mistakenly thought that i was actually the girl screwing the giant bunny rabbit in my avatar, which is also my Myspace profile pic. clearly if you take more than a millisecond to look at my profile, or really if you have a brain at all, you’ll figure out that i’m not a girl, nor do i fuck rabbits. Lomax doesn’t seem to be the smartest slap in the face, and so the following email exchange unfolded. you have to read from the bottom and work your way up, sorry about that, but believe me, it’s worth it. just to be fair, since i divulged my super secret Myspace profile, here is Lomax’ profile if you’d like to drop by and say hello. he likes to ride bulls, worship god, and hit on girls with a furry fetish. i’m sure that you’ve got plenty in common to talk about.



4 thoughts on “good morning world! the fluorescent office lights say hello! (Lomax Vs. jesus satan)

  1. “All you have to do is worship the lord almighty for all eternity”!!!

    Why did this end so soon? I could read PAGES of this!

    Checked out his Myspace page. Hick kid, whaddya’ gonna’ do?

  2. @TINT

    @Kevin Kittridge
    well obviously i wasn’t the one invading his personal myspace, so i feel the dialogue is justified. i don’t go around UNINVITED pissing on people for what they believe or don’t believe. if i’m invited, on the other hand, i’m more than willing to have a frank discussion, and would probably be a little more respectful.


    this came totally out of nowhere, however, and once he capped it with the laughable hookup attempt, i felt the public had a right to know.

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