good morning world! the fluorescent office lights say hello! (Pee Wee Herman doesn’t like crack as much as we thought at the Henry Fonda in Hollywood)

to celebrate Pee Wee Herman’s imminent residency at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood (from Nov 8th through December 17th – tickets are available here), i bring your attention to The 20 Best Public Service Announcements Of The Last Thirty Years.

Pee-Wee’s entry here is only number twenty, and it just gets better from there, including videos from Star Wars warning against the dangers of polio, Thundercat hoes commanding you not to drink alcohol and, i shit you not, a PSA from David Lynch on littering. more or less, a plethora of shills most likely doing public service as part of their parole for drug busts. excellent post, Topless Robot, well played.
(this one below was always my favorite as a kid. i must have seen it a thousand times, often high, and guess what you Nancy Reagan-era-Just-Say-No-wasting-our-tax-dollar-do-gooder-morons… i’ve done so many drugs you wouldn’t believe. epic fail. EPIC FAIL.)