grumble, grumble… sigh. Golem at The Echoplex.

sorry, i don’t get what the buzz is all about, but Golem is playing an early show tonight at The Echoplex. only reason i’m posting it is because there are absolutely no other bands tonight worth seeing. so instead, jesus satan recommends two”hey dj” slash hipster swine events also at The Echo and Echoplex, Dub Club with Anthony B. (Echoplex) and No Culture (Echo) with Dave P & JDH, Trevor Laprelle and Goddollars and ACID GIRLS (YAY! jesus satan LOVES the Acid Girls!). or there’s also Moondogg at the Mandrake in Culver City with Dirty Dave, and The Bruce. no idea who these people are, but i dig the flyer.

hi we have a cute drawing for our flyer because we suck!
shhhhh! he's hiding!
Acid Girls, will you marry me?
no idea what they sound like, but i'll go just for the flyer...