Happy Birthday Tetris.

Tetris was born two months before me, proving that the summer of 1984 produced at least two of the world’s greatest pop icons. Today we celebrate the 25th birthday of the game that took weeks away from our lives. The game that had me dreaming of Russian folk music in Mono. The game that turned everyday objects into a sea of oddly shaped puzzle pieces. And most of all, the game that keeps you craving for one. more. vertical piece. (wikipedia says: “Only the I tetromino has the capacity to clear four lines simultaneously, and this is referred to as a “tetris”.” …. Yes… a “tetris”… ohhh…ooo..mmm).

To this day, nothing comes close to this game in terms of relentlessly-addicting fun.

“Playing the game is an exercise in futility. You can never win. The game is set up so that the blocks fall increasingly faster, until it catches up with you. The goal, then, is the continued pursuit of besting your previous high score. (This is classic addict behavior — “I want my highs to get higher and higher.”)”

Play a Flash version of the game here. Although nothing’s the same as the original.



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