how could this possibly be true? Part Time Punks has a Velvet Underground “reunion” at the Echo this Sunday…

The Velvet Underground – Pale Blue Eyes

The Velvet Underground – Pale Blue Eyes

this just seems to good to be true so i’m guessing it’s probably not. Part Time Punks which happens every Sunday at the Echo (i was just there for the NEU! cover band HALLO! GALLO! a couple days ago) is claiming that there is going to be a reunion from the legendary (and i mean LEGENDARY) Velvet Underground there this Sunday. AND THE COVER IS ONLY FIVE BUCKS. *jesus satan scratches head* i dunno about this, seems to me that Coachella would have been able to pull something like this off long before Part Time Punks would be able to, and they’ve had a V.U. cover band play there before, plus the use of “orginal” is highly ambiguous, plus plus Sterling Morrison is dead, so i’m calling bullshit. but if it’s true, this is too good to miss even if all they do is stand around like wax works in the Hollywood Wax Museum while hipster tourists take pictures with them and pretend to shoot heroin into Lou Reed’s arm… the info below is an update from the site:

“June 7th: THE VELVET UNDERGROUND reunion/redux [ALL ORIGINAL MEMBERS!] + very, very special smart smart surprise guests”.

Part Time Punks with a Velvet Underground "reunion" this Sunday at the Echo in Silverlake / Echo Park Los Angeles

Michael Stock has just issued a statement from PART TIME PUNKS headquarters about the rumoured upcoming Velvets’ reunion at PTP June 7th:

“There are three answers I offer all questions about this one:

  1. Yes. “All original members”.
  2. Eighteen and up, and no, there is no dress code, but “casual marvelous” is suggested.
  3. Usually I paraphrase something Warhol said about his conception of the celebrity & the utter UNimportance of the original versus the utter IMportance of the moment & how that’s why there will be no advance tickets.

But feel free to ask him yourself that nite.
‘Cause Andy will be there, too.
And Candy Darling, from what I’m told.
The rest is up to you.
But are you ready for your 15 minutes?”

2 thoughts on “how could this possibly be true? Part Time Punks has a Velvet Underground “reunion” at the Echo this Sunday…

  1. Yes it was too good to be true. A complete rock ‘n’ roll swindle. I wait outside almost an hour, I get to the door, the guy says “you know it’s a cover band, right?” I’ve come all this way so I pay the $5 and go in. About an hour later the cover band comes on, they play OK, they announce “we’re the Velvet Underground Reunion”. Seriously, they should be locked up just for that – and PTP with them.

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