If You Like Cupcakes and Wasting Money

Crazy Expensive Cupcake Nonsense

Crazy Expensive Cupcake Nonsense

Then you should go to the LA Cupcake Challenge.

It sounds fantastic at first: All the best bakeries in SoCal bring their most delicious cupcakes to the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood, you show up, eat all you can, and be the judge.

What could go wrong?

40-fucking-dollars is what could go wrong.

If you’re the sort of person who wants to pay $40 to eat mini cupcakes, you can buy tickets here.

5 thoughts on “If You Like Cupcakes and Wasting Money

  1. Nope. They’re mini cupcakes. Not worth $1 each. And not worth puking your sugar-coated guts out either.

  2. oh, well then i’ll have to eat eighty. that works out to fifty cents each, which is still a bargain… and i can’t think of something more worth puking my guts (hopefully technicolor from all the different frostings) out at then a cupcake eating competition. it will be like dominoes. first i’ll throw up all over the place, then someone nearby will see it all, and start puking, then the next person, and so and so on… exponentially. vomited sugary frostings will be everywhere and it will be amazing and worth a lot more than forty dollars just to see. therefore, i am fully endorsing this event as a must.

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