Imogen Heap takes the First Train Home which is probably a metaphor for something because it’s the new single released from the upcoming album Ellipse

yeah, i’m totally going ghetto on this post ’cause it’s worth it. pseudo-video straight from Imogen Heap‘s YouTube channel, the new single First Train Home from the upcoming album Ellipse, which drops August 25th.


from Imogen herself:

First Train Home

this is the first song off of my new album Ellipse. You can get it now on iTunes US and Canada (if you pre-order the album) and tomorrow (15th July) on iTunes worldwide. Even I have to wait to buy it coz I live in the UK! Hope you like it. Working very hard on getting ellipse released physically worldwide too. So far UK, US, Canada,France and Japan have confirmed physical release. Am working on the other territories. Best thing you can do if you’d like it released in your country is go to the record stores and ask them when they’ll get it in. This should start to trickle back to the international parts of Sony across the world and get them to prick up their ears and release it.

More info soon on countries releasing the physical copies when I get it.

You will be able to buy the physical copy direct from my site on 24th August and we’ll ship it to you. Will be a tad more expensive though coz of import taxes and postage etc. Sorry! there’s just no way around it!

Lots of love
can’t wait until it’s out!