Indoor Forest @ Machine Project

Machine Project's Indoor Forest

Machine Project's Indoor Forest

This website is tragic, but Machine Project‘s stuff seems cool enough that I wanna check it out anyway. They’ve built a crazy indoor forest and they’re doing forest-themed activities while it lasts, which ain’t long (4/24).

On Sunday, they’re doing double feature vampire movies.

Next Friday, the 10th, there’s a dead author reading and some midnight ghost stories. (BTW, the dead author reading is co-produced by 826LA, which if you’ve never heard of it, is an awesome organization and if they didn’t have tutoring hours that no employed person could work, I’d be in there tutoring my ass off every day.)

Saturday, the 18th, there’s music to nap by.

And my personal favorite, on Sunday the 19th, there’s a pancake breakfast and then much later in the day, a Bigfoot lecture(!). But they list the Bigfoot lecture as tentative. How can you tease people with Bigfoot? Not cool.

It all seems very cool and fun. And I heard they’re doing keg parties in those indoor woods, but so far, unconfirmed.