Jack Threads.

Green Apple Caps
I’ll let you guys in on a little secret: There’s a place on the insta-web called Jack Threads, it claims it’s an “invite-only” service but I don’t think that’s completely true (if it is, ask for an invite and ye shall receive)… It sells brand name street/skate/hip fashion at discount prices. The catch is, one item per 24 hours. For example, today’s items are the GRN Apple Tree Fitteds above, discounted from $60 to $20. First of all, 60 fucking dollars is a crime and 20 dollars is a pretty normal price for a goddamn fancy hat, but they often have pretty good discounts. Anyway, typical shit you see comes from WESC, Beautiful/Decay, Obey, GRN Apple Tree, 3Sixteen, Creative Recreation, Addict, The Hundreds, Dunderon, etc. Those are the main players. So if you like sales, go sign up. Batman would do it (this inside joke will soon come to glorious fruition right here on WTTD).

EDIT: The reason I posted this today was really because of the names of the caps. They are part of the beaver collection. Yes, that blue hat on the right is called “Vintage Beaver.” Please insert any and all “your mother” jokes.

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