Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 Slips Out of His Grasp and Alllll Over the Internet.

jay-z ROC blueprint 3
Sucks for him but for you and I, it’s a lot of fun. Jay-Z was supposed to hand deliver his new album, The Blueprint 3, personally. I guess he’s got butter fingers because the INTERNET has the album in it’s possession a full 12 days before the actual release on 9/11/09. The internet herself has been speaking to me about this all day via twitter trends, blogs, forums, etc. We posted the tracklist here earlier if you want to check it out.

Obviously I’m not putting the songs up here, but the friendly folks over at Manolith offer some lovely advice on how to go about finding it:
“While you won’t find the leaked album here, you could, if you wanted, try Googling “megaupload” or “rapidshare” + “blueprint 3? and you’ll … oh nevermind.”

Next week on September 11th, 8 years from the anniversary of the attacks as well as the release of The Blueprint, Jay-Z will be putting on a 9/11 charity concert at MSG titled, “Answer The Call.” Proceeds (they’re hoping to raise about $750,000) will go to the New York Police and Fire Widows’ and Children’s Benefit Fund. TICKETS GO ON SALE SEPTEMBER 8TH for $50. That’s a hot ticket.

Check out the new Timbaland-produced single, Venus Vs. Mars: