Lost Grind Opera: Clowns and Boobs

Nothing says Friday the 13th like evil clowns and naked ladies.

Shelby “Belfast” Jones

This Friday, March 13, El Cid hosts The Lost Grind Opera, which bills itself as a “dark cabaret” and features burlesque dancers and creepy clowns. And there’s a costume component if you’re into that sort of thing. No mention of prizes for the best costume, but if you ARE into that sort of thing, looking like a circus freak is probably its own reward.

They don’t have a real website, but check out the Lost Grind Opera MySpace for details and tix.

Lost Grind Opera Flyer 2Lost Grind Opera Flyer

3 thoughts on “Lost Grind Opera: Clowns and Boobs

  1. It is particularly awesome. Especially since I will be making an appearance. Not in the show of course, but I will be in the audience and signing autographs after the event.

  2. there is nothing about twenty dollars that is awesome. for that much, jesus satan can have actual intercourse with burlesque dancers and/or creepy clowns and probably at the same time for only a couple bucks more.

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