Lykke Li is EVERYWHERE (in Los Angeles) this month…

Lykke Li is doing an “exclusive” (well la-dee-da) DJ set on Monday April 13th at the pretty swank Purple Lounge in the Hollywood Standard… (WTTD was just there for the Art Weekend Launch and we’ll have some pics up in the next couple days…) rumor is that she’s also playing the Hollywood Forever Cemetery‘s Masonic Lodge (a la the recent St. Vincent show) right after her show at Coachella, but keep it under your hats as those Coachella lawyer-types have super-watertight pinky swear agreements for people not to be playing around town before and after the show. (but they always do, kids, including practice shows beforehand for the old guys who are reforming, like Love and Rockets did last year… don’t worry, i got your back, and i’ll be posting as soon as i hear about stuff…)