m83 @ Walt Disney Concert Hall-Pics.

It was a bit more formal than everyone expected, just a bit. I’m talking, quiet, dim lights, soft violins and bow ties formal. And the word pretentious came to mind more than once. But all around the concert was a very cool/unique experience, the venue sounds absolutely perfect, the LA philharmonic was impressive but uh…Mr. Gonzalez just kinda hung around pressing buttons once in a while. I needed a LOT more of his impact on the show.

We were also missing a cohort when the show started and I was thinking the worst when they proceeded to close the doors until the first intermission. But lo and behold, when the lights came on a head pops up 30 seats away and yells my name, the missing link. So if one of you in the crowd heard a guy saying one of the following phrases in the quiet auditorium, that was our group:

a) “So I’m thinking of posting a pic of myself on hot or not dot com, my friend told me I’m in really great shape. I think I’d probably rate as a 7 or an 8.”
b) “I’d fuck her, her, yes, no, no, yes, yes, no…” (as the chorus girls make their way to the stage)
c) “This was the first time I drove downtown WITH my cocktail on the dashboard… don’t worry it was in a red cup!”

Welcome to my life 🙂