Magic or Mayhem? NKOTB in H’wood

I love you, Jordan!

I love you, Jordan!

So I know I just slammed the Palladium yesterday, but this may be its salvation: New Kids on the Block rockin’ the house on April 18.

Not so new anymore, but judging by the show reviews on the ticket page, Donnie, Danny, Jonathan, Jordan, and Joey are still leaving heartache in their wake. (Yes, I know all their names off the top of my head. Stop judging me.)

I would LOVE to see this show, but get this! $100 a ticket! Talk about ballsy! Who do these guys think they are? Even at the height of my Jordan obsession in 6th grade I wouldn’t have paid $100 for a ticket.

But it would be awesome. 2 cool 2 B 4gotten. So if you wanna buy me a ticket, get ’em here. I’ll be your new BFF.

6 thoughts on “Magic or Mayhem? NKOTB in H’wood

  1. also, i would like to add that TINT didn’t know the NKOTB acronym, and that makes jesus satan feel really, really old. the world sure has changed.

  2. Yeah, but TINT had some acronym for the Backstreet Boys or 98 Degrees or something. He’s younger, but also WAY lamer. I’ll take old.

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