Mal as the Green Lantern?

wow. just…                    wow.
fan film hyping Nathan Fillion (Captain Mal Reynolds from the great sci-fi show Serenity) as a Hal Jordan possibility in the planned Green Lantern movie. if a fan with a little time on his/her hands can make something so spectacular, why do studio produced big-budget films constantly suck? (thanks io9)


2 thoughts on “Mal as the Green Lantern?

  1. isn’t Serenity a movie? and Firefly the show that preceded it? fan film hyping? what’s going here? i’m so confused…

  2. @TINT
    oops. my mistake. i could just fix it, but maybe that will get the fan boys angry enough to leave comments… anyways, the movie is great. the show is great. blah blah blah…

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