Mike Stilkey and others at Bukowski Fest this Saturday, March 28

ultimate bad ass Mike Stilkey will be showing some work at the Bukowski Fest this Saturday, hosted by the Elephant Space Theater in Hollywood. below is a note from Stilkey’s mailing list, and that’s about all i know. of course, a night full of Bukowski-like debauchery is all you should NEED to know, America, so you better be there. or Chinaski’s ghost will hunt you down like the dogs you are.


The Elephant Theater in Hollywood will be hosting the inaugural Bukowski Fest, a multimedia celebration of the iconic author’s life and work. Kicking off the festivities is Taylor Hackford’s 40-minute documentary “Bukowski” (1973), a rare glimpse into the world of the “Poet Laureate of Skid Row.” Following the screening are poetry readings by those who knew “Hank” firsthand, as well as an open mic.
In addition, five artists have been selected to exhibit works inspired by the writer.  One of those artists will be me!
Donation is $10.
When:  Saturday, March 28th at 8pm
Where:  The Elephant Theater is at 6322 W. Santa Monica Blvd.  90038  (One block west of Vine.)
For more info, click on the link below.


Hope to see you there!

there seems to be no stopping the thing...