Need a Good Time-Suck?

Little help?

Little help?

You should be able to kill at least half your workday with this gem from Empire magazine.

Hidden in one big canvas are images depicting the titles of 50 movies that have come out in 20 years since Empire published its first issue.

Virgin did something similar a few years ago with bands instead of movies. This one is more user-friendly with actual interactive elements that let you type in your answers and find out if they’re right or wrong. It’ll also keep track of how many you’ve gotten correct and gray them out so you can narrow your focus to the really tricky ones.

I’m stuck at 42/50. (Including the one to the right. Any ideas?) And so far there’s only been one movie I’ve never heard of, which is pretty amazing considering my impressive lack of movie knowledge.

Check it out.

2 thoughts on “Need a Good Time-Suck?

  1. are you using our site as a public forum to get answers to your god damn online games? and you’ve gotten 42/50? clearly you’ve been just swamped with work…

  2. @jesus satan
    Did you try it? It’s easy. I’m sure you’d get all 50 in no time because you’re such a crazy genius.

    And no one has offered any answers anyway. So there.

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