Never Joke About Tauntauns. Never.

tauntaun-sleepingbag-embed3Clearly, someone at ThinkGeek got April Fools Day confused with April Awesome Day, which isn’t ’til next week. They conceived of something so awesome, so enlightened, so warm-fuzzy-inducing that it could probably deliver world peace. Anyone who spends his or her childhood nestled in a TAUNTAUN SLEEPING BAG(!!!) simply would not be capable of violence. The overwhelming sense of self-satisfaction would make it impossible.

The only real trouble with all of this is, of course, that the Tauntaun sleeping bag doesn’t exist. It’s a joke. A cruel, malicious joke. Just as owning a tautaun sleeping bag could soothe the collective human soul, being taunted with one we can’t have may just push us over the edge. If anybody gets nuked in the next few weeks, it’s on ThinkGeek’s shoulders.

In an effort to quell their guilt, the suits at ThinkGeek have sworn to get in touch with the suits at Lucasfilm and try to make this thing for real. Good luck, ThinkGeek! If it ever happens, you’d be well-advised to make sure this thing comes in adult sizes so you don’t end up back in the hot seat again.

3 thoughts on “Never Joke About Tauntauns. Never.

  1. my favorite part is the light saber zipper… also, wasn’t this posted yesterday? ’cause jesus satan got all sorts of shit for wanting to post the google thing later, but Precoce comes along and shakes her fanny and gets to post whatever she wants whenever she wants? hardly. for shame, Precoce, for shame!

  2. @jesus satan
    I didn’t see it yesterday. If it was posted already, I apologize.

    But to be clear, you got shit for whining, not for wanting to post later.

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