New Breed Opening @ Last Rites Gallery.

Last Rites Gallery caters to a certain “dark” aesthetic. Sometimes goth, sometimes dark pop, sometimes steampunk, otherworldly, sci-fi, fantasy, etc. What I’m trying to say is, this probably isn’t your grandma’s type of place. If it is, then wow you probably had the “cool parents” when you were a kid. Or you’re batshit insane. Either way, they have a great show coming in a few weeks (which we will kindly remind you about):

New Breed
Last Rites Gallery
511 W 33rd St., 3rd Fl.
New York, NY
July 31st – August 30th, 2009
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 31st, 7-11pm

“New Breed brings together a new group of both established and emerging artists, who are showing for the first time here at Last Rites Gallery. We hope to make this an annual event, as we feel it is important to continue giving exhibition opportunities to new artists who create work which fits with our gallery’s aesthetic.

Participating artists include: David R. Choquette, Shay Davis, Mickey M Edtinger, Paul Gerrard, Charlie Immer, Sara Antoinette Martin, Richard Meyer, Reuben Negrón, Chris Peters and more to be announced.”

scary motherfucking clown