nineties juggernauts remember when they were young… Stone Temple Pilots play the Sunset Strip House of Blues (TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW) and tickets go on sale tomorrow for Green Day at the Forum…

not much to say here… if you don’t know who Green Day and Stone Temple Pilots are, you clearly just came out of the underground bomb shelter that you’ve been living in for the last two decades a lá Brendan Fraser in Blast From The Past.

Green Day (with Franz Ferdinand opening up! how cool is that?!) is playing the Forum Tues, August 25th. tickets will be available through Ticketmaster here tomorrow at 10am.

and this is fcuking cuh-ray-zee but Stone Temple Pilots are doing a totally intimate show at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip, Wed. July 1st. TICKETS ARE ON SALE RIGHT NOW so act on this fast, hell-a, even at $76 a pop, these will sell out pretty much by the time i press the “Publish” button for this post. get them here.

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