NYC Food Truck Bonanza.

LA’s own Kogi BBQ truck introduced me to the growing food-truck-epidemic. But now I’m back in the NYC, and lo and behold, the trucks continue to run amuck on this side of the Mississippi. These amazing food-on-wheels providers all come with personalized Twitter urls to let you know where they are with up-to-the-minute updates. Chasing these trucks through the streets will account for 80% of my summer workout plan.

Calexico Carne Asada Cart
Twitter: @CalexicoCart
Three California brothers making carne asada tacos, chipotle pulled pork, and other Mexican-inspired food. Yumm!

Cupcake Stop
Twitter: @CupcakeStop
Cupcakes on the fly. Have heard mixed feelings about their icing and cake quality.

Cravings Truck
Twitter: @nyccravings
Taiwanese-style fried chicken over rice with secret pork sauce and handmade steamed dumplings that you can get vegan, pork, or mixed.

Dessert Truck

Twitter: @desserttruck
They beat Bobby Flay in a chocolate bread pudding Throwdown. Hells yes.

Le Gamin Truck
Twitter: @legamintruck
Sweet and savory crepes, quiche Lorraine, baguette sandwiches, ratatouille salad, and other European café inspired foods.

La Cense Beef Truck
Twitter: @lcbburgertruck
They’ve hooked up with Daisy May’s BBQ chef (yumm!) to sell exactly one item: a fresh 6oz grass-fed patty griddled w/ caramelized onions on a sesame bun (tomato, lettuce, condiments optional) served with Kettle Brand chips that’re 65% reduced fat, and 35% you’re-still-fat.

Rickshaw Dumplings
Twitter: @RickshawTruck
Dumplings and dipping sauces from a truck covered in funny slogans like “Who’s Your Edamame?”  Those who know Rickshaw know the awesome bang for the buck.

Treats Truck
Twitter: @TheTreatsTruck
Cookies, brownies, bars, crispy treats and more. Tweets the whereabouts of their main truck Sugar and sister truck, Dot.

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream
Twitter: @benwvl
Scooping up flavors like currants and cream, pistachio, gianduja, espresso, and ginger, all made from sans hormone milk.

Wafels & Dinges
Twitter: @waffletruck
Sweet and savory Brussels and Liege waffles.