Passion Pit felt the love so they’re returning to Los Angeles in October at the Henry Fonda

Passion Pits – Sleepyhead mp3

Passion Pits – Sleepyhead

Passion Pit just sold out a grip of shows here, so they’re going to grace us with their presence once more with a show on Wednesday, October 14th at the Henry Fonda. i like them, actually. everyone does. they’re just soooooooo popular. big fcuking whoop, Passion Pit. everyone’s your friend? everyone likes you? well you’ll get yours, Passion Pit. you’ll ALL get yours. i wish i was this popular besides only in my head. not sure who’s opening up yet, and tickets went on sale today.

Passion Pit plays the Henry Fonda in Los Angeles in October

ha, i love internet searches. turns out there is a Loverboy song named 'Passion Pit', and i'm guessing that's what they're named after. well played, Passion Pit. well played.