Patrick Swayze is dirty dancing in hell…

honestly, i’m not too sure why i care, but Patrick Swayze has died from his battle with cancer. although he was pretty amazing in Donnie Darko. Road House kind of ruled, too. and actually i really liked Next of Kin when i was a kid. oh shit! he was in The Outsiders?!?!?!? how could i forget Point Break?!?!?! whaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! Patrick Swayze died!!!! whaaaaaaaaa!!!! whhaaaaa!!!! pour one out 4 tha homiez, y’all.

Patrick Swayze from Roadhouse, Dirty Dancing and Donnie Darko

8 thoughts on “Patrick Swayze is dirty dancing in hell…

  1. My favorite Swayze moment is the SNL Chippendale sketch with Farley. I know a lot of people will say that, but originality be darned.

    His character really thought that Farley might get the dancing job instead of him and that really came through. His excitement when he wins is hilarious!

    Cheers, Swayze!

  2. What’s this, js? Do I see a heart peeking out through the gloom?

    I’ll miss you, Swayze. And kudos to you for shining a light through the impenetrable darkness that is jesus satan’s life.

  3. @Le precoce feroce
    just because i’m sad Swayze died doesn’t mean i can feel. i’m sure that Hitler had his moments, too. you know, like when his dog died or something. that’s kind of the way i feel. like my childhood dog that i left behind when i moved out like more than a decade ago passed on. you know, like, kind of sad, and i wish i could have been there to stroke that mane as he was put down to sleep, but i’ll get over it.

    with… enough time. sob.

  4. Você é um filho de uma puta escrotoooo…e com certeza também é viado, e daqueles que morrem de ciúmes de pessoas que se dão bem na vida…um puto cretino,invejoso..e que nunca vai sair do anonimato ….viado!!!! E eu acho que que vai para o inferno é você!!!!!Viadinho imundo.

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